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The Yahno I’m Working from Home Now Guide

It’s 2020, things are a bit bonkers and a lot of companies are facilitating their employees being able to work remotely. You might be one of these people that’s suddenly been thrust into the world of working from home, and if you’re a bit worried, don’t fret! We’ve got some tips and hints for you to get on your pony. The Yahno team have been doing this dance for a while now so follow our lead.

On a side note, this guide is for people in a similar position to us. We know that we are extremely privileged to have homes where we can be remote workers. South Africa is a place where the haves and the have nots still live in a massive divide.


Now that you’re out of the office and away from people’s judging eyes you may feel the need to rebel but remember that there are some pros to having a routine. Without a semblance of one you may find yourself picking up bad habits and losing track of time. Keep exercising and moving around, you need those endorphins! Wake up at your usual hour, start your day with your favourite hot beverage and settle into your emails at your usual time. Stop working around a time when you normally would and try to get your full 8 hours of sleep.

Your Space

This might seem like a small change but it can make a huge difference! Trust us, if you don’t commit to a spot, everywhere and nowhere feels like your office. Working from your bed wreaks havoc on your neck and back. So try to make a corner of your home your work area. We recommend it has a desk, comfy chair, power, a water bottle, natural light and if possible, a window for you to look out of. Feel free to decorate it so that it feels like a place you want to sit at, add plants, calendars, stationery and pictures.

Avoiding Distractions

Working from home comes with it’s distractions, that’s why they created offices. Yes your kitchen cupboards need reorganising and may be begging for the Masterchef in you to conjure up an elaborate meal. Your cat is doing something adorable and ooh look, baby pandas on a slide, and uh oh, you’ve gone down yet another Pinterest wormhole... Boundaries are a thing, so keep those shiny bubbles in check. Try using plugins on your browser that limit your time on social media or kick you out. Keep quick and simple snacks on hand so that you don’t end up spending too much time meal prepping. Delegate a specific amount of time for cooking and cleaning and then STOP.

What are the best remote working tools?

As a team we make use of the following:

  • Asana for project management

  • Clockify to track our hours (which has a plug-in for Asana)

  • Skype for conference calling and video conferencing

  • WhatsApp for instant messaging

  • Google Drive for file sharing and storage

  • Google Docs for creating documents that everyone can see, edit and comment on.

Just so you know there are PLENTY out there and some might suit your team needs or budget better so best to shop around.

Load Shedding

South Africa has phases where load-shedding happens frequently. Download a load shedding app that notifies you when you’re going to experience it. Try make sure your laptop is fully charged right up until 5 minutes before and then unplug it so that you can avoid any dodgy power surges. If you can, use your phone as a hotspot for the internet or make use of a dongle so as to insure work continuity.

Human Interaction

Ok this is a super weird one given the current situation but probably more important now than ever! Cabin fever is real folks! And while it would be hella irresponsible for us to recommend a coffee date at your favourite local spot, we do recommend having a catch-up call with a teamie or a bestie! If you can sit out-side with a snack and your phone on loudspeaker, do that! Or look out your window or cradle your house plant, whatever connects you with nature while catching up with another human, do that! It may also be fun to start internal challenges like sharing a picture of your outfit of the day or photos of your lunch, create a team playlist and keep the morale going!

Hope you’ve got a handy hack out of this and if not let us know what awesome things you’re doing that make you a remote-working maverick. Yahno, we’re all about building communities that support each other so let’s connect. If you need help getting your business offering online ASAP, we can help.

Drop us a mail at and let’s get started.

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