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What the Hell Is The Gig Economy Anyway?

Welcome To The Future: Outsourcing

It’s no secret that at Yahno, we shmaak the gig-economy lifestyle, flexi-time, work from anywhere and best of all, pants are mostly optional. (Neat trick, have a work shirt ready on a hanger that you can slip over your pjs, yoga gear or bikini for those skype meetings) Over the last few years, work has changed and more and more people are rejecting traditional 9-5 jobs, opting for more flexible work solutions.

And freelancing is on the rise. Big time. So much so that the number of self-employed people in the UK increased from 3.3 million in 2001 to a whopping 4.8 million in 2017.

Sure, so people are working for themselves more than ever before. But have you thought about how this might be benefitting businesses?

Yes, you read right. Benefiting, not affecting. Online outsourcing is playing a key role in the growth of both small and big businesses alike.

Businesses can now find readily available experts that they don’t have in-house, to save time and money getting jobs done. And the list goes on.

To name just a few more benefits, outsourcing to freelancers:

• Is cheaper than hiring a full-time employee,

• Requires no additional equipment; and

• Means not having to train current employees.

Today, you can outsource almost anything from human resources, customer service and marketing, to research, accountants and personal assistants. Outsourcing can really help businesses grow in more ways than one. Let’s take a look at some of the impacts it could have on businesses in the marketing and advertising landscape.

Fresh perspectives

We’ve seen it all too many times before. After many years of doing things “this way” and “that way”, an agency can become stagnant. Bringing in outsiders to complete projects can help bring originality back, allow teams to see things from a new angle, and even create a lekker competitive edge.

Is a client about to pull the plug? Hire a creative collective to transform a project. It may just be what your company needs to shake things up.

Save (a kak-load) of money

Many businesses are quick to take on more work but reluctant to hire full-time staff. With collectives and freelancers having little to no overheads, they charge an impressive and competitive rate. Outsourcing a team to do the extra work means there’s no need to hire full-time staff for projects that come and go.

Collectives charge only for the hours that were actually worked, and not wasted time, which can often be the case with employees.

Increased efficiency

Freelancers are often more skilled and specialised in particular areas, which means you can find an expert in a particular field that will provide a more productive and efficient service. Hiring an already skilled team also means you don’t need to train employees, and you can get the job done right, without wasting time.

Once you start working with a team regularly, you’ll get to know their standard of work, and can trust them to take on more work, without the risk of hiring permanently. 

Bring in the appropriate experts you need per project. Who knows, you might even learn a few new skills you’re not familiar with.


It’s not always easy to be agile in business. It can take time to change with an evolving marketplace, leaving little room for flexibility and open-mindedness. When you hire from the outside in, businesses can kick their ‘usual way’ of doing things to the curb and freelancers can adapt to your unique needs. Simply put, that means no cookie-cutter campaigns.

High-quality work

In the marketing industry today, we are witnessing a burnt-out workforce that is overwhelmed with marketing material. Employees are overworked and pushing out content that most people don’t have time to read anyway. Have we finally reached a tipping point?

The best marketing campaigns don’t feel like marketing at all. 

Independent working is helping individuals become more focused and motivated in their work, with good turnaround time. And flexible work environments mean happier, more creative workers that deliver high-quality pieces of work that they’re proud of.

So, Yahno, why choose us?

Still unsure about outsourcing work? Everyone is doing it. Well almost everyone. According to the Guardian Small Business Network poll, when asked whether business readers had outsourced to freelancers, most said yes with 79% saying that it is part of their business strategy.

You can incorporate outsourcing into your business strategy too. At Yahno, we’re a collective team of freelancers who offer unique options for our clients. Putting all our skills into one team allows us to better serve our clients.

We’re all about building great trust and relationships with our clients. And because we tossed the traditional box and broke all the moulds, we’re ready to reinvent, innovate and create really kiff work! Get in touch with us today to see how we can create some great work for your next campaign.

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