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Client: Famokids |   Since 2020   |   Design Agency Support

Our collaboration with Famokids, a visionary brand dedicated to nurturing family bonds and individual growth. As their design agency, we've partnered closely on diverse fronts, from crafting original product designs to refining their Shopify front end, Klaviyo newsletters, packaging, PPC adverts and cohesive social media presence. Famokids' ethos centers on fostering familial connections, symbolized by their logo's unity and the ribbon of shared experiences

Art Direction: @yahno_collective    |   Client: Durban Girl College

Famokids Brand Deck Mock-up.png

Brand Sales Assets

We designed a streamlined brand catalog for Famokids, showcasing their products to potential stockists in a clear and captivating way, increasing their wholesale presentation appeal.

Content Marketing

Using engaging social media & website creative, we develop cohesive content marketing concepts for Famokids. This strategy helps drive brand awareness and resonate with their target audience across various platforms.

Famokids SoMeMock-up.png


We designed a user-friendly Shopify store for Famokids, prioritizing a streamlined user experience that facilitates product discovery and checkout, with the ultimate goal for all e-commerce businesses: Boosted Sales!

Email Marketing

We are continuously crafting compelling Klaviyo email designs and have implemented an automated email flow for Famokids. This combination helps nurture leads, drive sales, and build stronger customer relationships.

Display Ads

Eye-catching creatives and videos help Famokids stand out from the crowd when implementing Google Display Ads campaigns, attracting new customers, and increasing brand visibility across the web.

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