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Meet your favourite
get stuff done gang

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Connie Aberson


It’s our left-field girl and creative inspiration on legs. We’re pretty sure Connie coined the term ‘fresh and original’ since that’s what she pulls off every time.


As our Senior Creative Director, Connie brings over 20 years of experience to the table, from both local and international agencies. This experience and knowledge give our team the international edge, but when combined with her local-lekker flair, magic happens. This woman knows what works.

Pascale Lott


Pascale is the ultimate maximiser, getting the best out of every opportunity for client success and creative excellence. Never seen without her to-do list and her trusty bottle of water, she seamlessly transitions from client meetings to site visits and brainstorm sessions all the while in killer heels, making everyone she meets feel seen and valued.

If you have a brand, she wants to know about it, and no doubt she’s already planning which Yahno team member is the perfect match to meet your needs.

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Gabrielle Brummer


Armed with a passion for brands and a brain that devours information, Gabs is our design-thinking sherpa, guiding clients through workshops and brainstorms to unlock their hidden potential. Whether it's art directing a thumb-stopping video or crafting the perfect brand personality, she seamlessly weaves her expertise into every project. An idea sponge with a client focus, Gabs is always itching to find the perfect solutions to unleash your brand's brilliance!

Bianca Vause


Bianca, our Senior Art Director, brings all the right bells and whistles to the table to help awaken your brand, with the perfect blend of breaking-edge.


When she’s not frolicking amongst the fine papers of our business or her incredibly kick-ass punk rock records, you’ll find her working a shoot like the pro she is, creating extraordinary visuals and winning the hearts of consumers globally and locally. That’s all thanks to her exceptional visual communication skills and years of experience building many of the food and fashion brands we all know and love today.

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Rebecca Richardson


Rebecca, more commonly known as Ribs, is rebellious by nature and brings a breath of fresh air to the world of art direction and brand identity. She'll challenge the status quo to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. With her quirky style, Ribs knows just how to give brands the punch they need, without ever losing sight

of their essence.

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